Our equipment

Our fleet of analytical instruments is unique in France. It currently includes 4 ionic magnetic sector probes from the CAMECA brand. Each instrument has its own specificities that allow it to best meet the different needs of our customers.

SC-Ultra: This tool enables SIMS analyzes of semiconductor samples with unmatched precision. Designed for very low energy and very shallow junctions, it achieves impact energies of 150eV whether with the oxygen source or the cesium ion source. On the other hand, the angles of the primary columns (36 ° and 60 °) were chosen to optimize the detection limits as well as the depth resolution.

IMS 4FE6, 4FE7 and 6F: Our fleet of conventional mass spectrometers guarantees us to meet all needs in a wide variety of fields ranging from geology to semiconductor. The number of equipment in our possession allows us to have very short lead times and meet all the requirements of the industry.