SIMS analysis Service

With extensive experience and knowledge in mass spectrometry techniques, we are expert in SIMS (secondary ion mass spectrometry) analyses. At Helios Lab, we possess a wide range of instruments enabling us to offer SIMS services for various fields of applications.

  • A Cameca SC ultra, the latest generation tool, allows the analysis of semiconductor materials for the determination of dopant densities and impurities at very low concentrations
  • Our standards make it possible quantify almost the entire periodic table in matrices used in R&D and the semiconductor industry (Si, SiGe, SiO2, GaN, III-IV and II-VI)
  • Metallic materials analyses like titanium alloys (Ti, TiO2,…) and oxyde based matrix like high temperature supraconductor or solid oxid fuel cells (YBaCuO, SOFC, UO2 …) can be performed.
  • Analysis times are short and can be tailored to meet your needs